Blockchain Carbon Solutions LLC

Blockchain Carbon Solutions LLC (“BCS”) was formed in 2021 to capitalize on an opportunity that ties in with the global “green” initiatives that governments and large companies are increasingly getting behind. Many large companies have made Carbon Neutral commitments and the trend is increasing for more companies to do likewise. This is a big problem and BCS is providing a solution for these companies to become Carbon Neutral through the acquisition of Carbon Credit and Carbon Offset producing assets by BCS. The BCS strategy involves conservation of forest assets while taking full financial advantage of the increase in the price of carbon sequestration in the US market.

Investment Opportunity

BCS formed a fund, BCS Fund 1 LLC (“BF1”) that it will manage. The purpose of BF1 is to raise capital for the acquisition of prime forest assets which fit the company’s business strategy and provide the highest ROI for investors. BCS has identified several prime forest assets that it can purchase immediately once the capital is raised.