BCS Team

Meet Our Team

George Wight - GP

Mr. Wight is a seasoned Financial Executive in the investment banking industry. He is GP of the Vertical Exchange Capital Group. He is a director of the Armada Institute. Directors of Armada Institute seek to educate and expand awareness of marine issues, global water quality, while developing abundance from the world’s oceans.  Through technology innovations, expeditions and scholarship programs, Armada institute will ultimately develop an advanced degree program for universities.

Antonio Colon - Co GP

The team is headed up by Mr. Colon, a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of experience in executive level management with a focus on financial management in areas such as operations, corporate structure, real estate development, compliance, and regulatory oversight.  He has spent half of his career in roles related to financial management including multi-disciplinary and jurisdictional audits, attestations, financial and statutory regulatory compliance, plus mergers and acquisitions. He managed a $100 million electricity and hydrocarbons investment fund as Chief Risk Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

He currently develops green initiatives to help industries comply with current ESG’s through nouvelle instruments in the decentralized finance arena including, but not limited to, tokenization. One of the green technologies he is currently involved with is sulfuric removal of liquid hydrocarbons. Specifically, fuel emulsification technology that significantly reduces emissions to the levels of natural gas without the methane slippage risks.

Melvin Ezzell - VP Forestry

Mr. Ezzell has over thirty years of experience successfully managing over 500,000 acres of forestland in North and South Carolina.  He has managed the acquisition of over $2.5 billion in forestry assets.

He has worked as a forester for Georgia Pacific, Canal Wood, Corbett Timber and Claybourn Walters Logging Co. He has been responsible for the full cycle of land management from acquisition to disposition. This included forest inventory, forest product sales, harvesting, merchandising of forest products, site preparation, replanting, fertilization, herbicide application, controlled burning and maintenance.

He has directly managed projects such as road construction and maintenance, drainage and easement, wetlands mitigation, hydrology restoration, and land management. He has worked with such agencies as DNR, DHEC and the USACE to obtain mitigation credits and final permit approvals.

 Throughout this career, he has managed the acquisition of over 2.5 billion in forestry assets.

Ron Clark - VP Capital Markets (Crypto)

Mr. Clark is highly creative, tech-savvy senior level executive/entrepreneur with a broad base of business experience spanning over thirty-five years. He has successfully pioneered new markets, launched new products globally, and started new companies where he wrote the business plan and the PPM, developed the company’s branding, marketing materials, and website, as well as raised millions of dollars in venture capital. He has exceptional communication skills with in- depth experience communicating through a wide range of media including digital media, internet, print, radio, TV, and infomercials. He has in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software, as well as social media and internet technology.  He has over 30 years of experience as an investor in markets such as energy, real estate, stocks, gold, silver, and fine wines. He holds a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State University.

Nathan Whigham - VP Capital Markets (Fiat)

Mr. Whigham is an entrepreneur and renewable energy developer who Founded and is President of EN Capital, a capital advisory firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Prior to founding EN Capital, he held positions at CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital & Nebo Capital. He has been placing debt & equity since 2006 and involved in over $1B in transactions up and down the capital stack. He holds a graduate certificate in Space Law through the Law School at the University of Mississippi, an MBA from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona, along with a California Real Estate Broker’s License.